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Заботиться о своем теле для того, чтобы достичь души, вслушиваясь во все звуки, даже самые скрытые. Это и есть наша философия, которой мы вдохновляемся при выборе для Вас наиболее подходящего массажа или эстетической процедуры, наиболее лучшей для Вашего благосостояния. Для лица мы предлагаем 3 различные процедуры с продуктами линии Murad, созданной Доктором Говардом Мурадом, известным американским дерматологом и теоретиком принципа Inclusive Health: пилинг с энзимами, процедура на базе витамина C и процедура против старения для клеточного обновления. Нет конца выбору типа процедур: Вы и знания наших специалистов определите процедуру, метод и продолжительность этого путешествия в мир красоты и гармонии тела и духа.


Massage 30’/60’/90’   
€ 40/€ 75/€ 110 
Our trusted therapists will advise you according to your specific needs  
Ginger treatment 60' € 80
A massage to loosen contractures and open the respiratory tract  
Revitalizing chestnut treatment 60' € 80
The purifying properties of the chestnut help revitalizing the body  
St. Barth Softness 60’       € 90
Wrap and peeling body massage with papaya mousse and coconut oil  
St. Barth Elasticity 60’      € 90
Toning body mask with clay and cucumber mousse  
St. Barth Slimness 60’-90’         € 90-120
Draining and decongestant wrap with massage
Back or legs 60' - Total body draining massage 90’
St. Barth Sensations 60’      € 90
Luxurious body mask with a relaxing massage  
St. Barth Harmony 60’  € 85
Gentle and relaxing body massage  
Meltar Luxury Glow 90’ € 115
Peeling and moisturizing with St Barth products, flash beauty facial treatment, hand scrub or manicure with nail polish application  
Body gommage 30’    € 45
Foot reflexology 40’          € 50
Total relaxation through the skillful touch of the feet  




Soin Hydréclat 60’     € 100
Moisturizing and firming treatment for a revitalized beauty  
Soin Biosensible 45’ € 90
Treatment for sensitive, stressed and reactive skin  
Soin pour les Instants de Peau à tendance couperosique 60’       € 100
Rebalancing treatment for skin with couperose or that tend to turn red  
Soin Reconditionnement Lipidique 45’   € 90
Ultra moisturizing protective and restorative treatment  
Soin Oxygénant VIP O2 45’ € 90
Treatment to oxygenate the skin, relax the body and giving new splendor  
Soin Restructurant et Lissant 90’         € 150
Anti-stress treatment with Omega 3, hyaluronic acid and silk for a homogeneous and compact texture  
Soin Lift CVS 90’ € 150
Manual lifting treatment that regenerates the epidermis and redefines the oval  
Soin Lift CVS + Hydréclat 120’ € 190
Ideal lifting treatment for aged and dehydrated skin  
Soin Triple Lift 150’ € 240
Intensive treatment recommended for thicker skins in order to relax and redefine facial volumes  


Treatment Pureness 60’ € 90
St. Barth facial and décolleté treatment with hand massage  
Treatment Freshness 90’ € 120
St. Barth face and décolleté treatment with cucumber mousse mask and hand massage  
Kobido Plus 50’     € 90
The benefits of "Kobido", ancient Japanese art of facial massage, made with our best products  

Fior di linfa 20’

A facial treatment based on precious essential oils, designed to give moisture and freshness

€ 30
Flash face 30’ € 50
Ideal before a special occasion, to give beauty and luster to the face  

Our treatments are performed with selected products, designed by professionals and produced exclusively for the Mountain SPA. They are based on active ingredients that are found on the Asiago Plateau, such as pine, dandelion, peppermint, rosemary and others.