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Celebration & events ad Asiago

Celebrating and commemorating an event at the Meltar means saying no to the ordinary and cliché and choosing exclusivity and originality instead.

The Meltar, the Golf Club Asiago and the Longalaita are at your disposal for your special events in Asiago:

  • weddings
  • meetings
  • celebrations


Weddings in the woods.

Saying yes in the most authentic luxury is one of our original ideas. Experience the magic of “forever” surrounded by nature and beauty, made possible by the professionalism and creativity of our experts who are able to take care of every detail to ensure the success of an authentically out of the ordinary occasion.

Weddings can also be classic, country, boho-chic, ethnic, colourful. At the Meltar there is no limit to the imagination to create a ceremony tailored to your needs, where every aspect - decorations, refreshments, music, flowers and perfume - recreate the style you have chosen, with taste and originality.

Not just weddings.

Meltar and the Mountain SPA are perfect places to host birthdays, graduations, bachelorette parties, masquerade parties, cocktail parties, showcases, fashion shows, photographic shoots, business meetings and any social event or personal moment to celebrate and remember forever.

The personalisation possibilities are endless: our team of experts can create ad hoc settings, organise live music performances, create installations with highly technological equipment without forgetting the fundamental complement of every successful event, the catering that can be provided by the Meltarino or the Longalaita.