Meltar Boutique Hotel
Meltar street, 1 - 36012 Asiago
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Look after the body to look after the soul, listening to all the most hidden signs. This is our philosophy to advise you in choosing the most suitable massage or beauty treatment for you. There is no limit to your choice: you and our expert specialists will decide the course, method and duration of your journey into the beauty and harmony of your body and mind.


Massage 30’/60’/90’   
€ 40/€ 75/€ 110 
Our trusted therapists will advise you according to your specific needs  
Body gommage or Body brushing 30’ € 45
St. Barth Slimness 60’-90’ € 90/120
Draining and decongestant wrap with massage
Back or legs 60' - Total body draining massage 90’
St. Barth Harmony 60’  € 85
Gentle and relaxing body massage  
Stone massage Hot & Cold 60’ € 85
The heat of the stone radiates on the body, relieves tension and gives well-being and
relaxation; cold stones improve circulation
After sport 60’ € 80
Relaxing massage for the muscles with essential oil of citronella  
Meltar Summer Love 90’ € 115
For a special day dedicated to a total body: complete treatment with body peeling
and hydration, flash beauty facial treatment, hand scrub with nail polish application
Foot reflexology 30’ € 50
Total relaxation through the skillful touch of the feet  




Soin Oxygénant VIP O2 30’ € 60
To oxygenate the skin, relax the features and giving new luster  
Soin Hydréclat 45’  € 85
Moisturizing and firming treatment for revitalized beauty  
Soin Reconditionnement Lipidique 45’ € 85
Ultra Moisturizing Treatment, protector and repairer  
Soin pour les Instants de Peau à tendance couperosique 45’   € 85
Specific to balance the skin with redness and blotchiness  
Soin Biosensible 45’ € 85
Formulated to stabilize the most sensitive skin, stressed and reactive  
Soin Restructurant et Lissant 60’ € 110
Anti-stress treatment with Omega 3, hyaluronic acid and silk texture for a more
homogeneous and compact texture
Soin Lift CVS 60’ € 110
Manual lifting treatment that regenerates the epidermis and redefines the oval  
Soin M110 60’ € 110
Synergistic treatment that plumps and restructures the face  
Soin Sebo-Regulating 60’ € 110
To adjust sebum secretion and detoxify oily skin and acne, giving a more even complexion  
Cryo super tone 90’ € 150
Toning intensive thanks to the action of cryotherapy  
Soin Lift CVS + Hydréclat 90’ € 150
Double ideal lifting treatment for aged and dehydrated skin  
Soin Triple Lift 120’ € 200
Intensive treatment recommended for thicker skins in order to relax and and redefine
facial volumes
Kobido Plus 50' € 90
The benefits of "Kobido", ancient Japanese art of facial massage, made with our best products  


Our treatments are performed with selected products, designed by professionals and produced exclusively for the Mountain SPA. They are based on active ingredients that are found on the Asiago Plateau, such as pine, dandelion, peppermint, rosemary and others.