Meltar Boutique Hotel
Meltar street, 1 - 36012 Asiago
Tel. +39 0424 460626 - Fax +39 0424 464939
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There used to be an old farmhouse with an unusual name “Meltar”, which means swamp in the Cimbrian language, who settled on the plateau around 10 AD. There has been no trace of the swamp for centuries now, but something has remained of the simple solid character of the Cimbrian people in the house, which was built in typical local stone and stands up strong and solid among the woods on the plateau. The old farmhouse is now the Meltar Boutique Hotel, which combines luxurious simplicity with refined surroundings, protecting the magic of the silence and natural harmony. The Meltar is situated in the centre of the Golf Course and cross country ski track and is the ideal choice for a holiday dedicated to nature and general physical and mental wellbeing.