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Other sports

A stay at the Meltar means being able to practice numerous different strengthening sports, some high adrenaline level and very challenging.

Trekking, walks and Nordic walking are a must: a wide choice of very romantic and fascinating tracks, some very panoramic settings, and of varying difficulty. A rest in the more than 100 mountain huts on the plateau make the walk very “tasty” and are full of interesting culture. All-round wellbeing.

Tourist cycling, mountain bike and downhill MTB:
bike lovers are spoilt for choice with some breathtaking downhill runs, climbs and tracks across the plain. Sweat and adrenaline.

Horse riding: a fascinating ride through the woods and meadows on the plateau is beyond compare. Total contact with nature in the magnificent mountain silence. Pure magic.

Rafting and canoeing: on rubber rafts along the River Brenta, jumping through the stormy waters for non-stop fun, or canoeing along calmer waters. Pure emotion.

Free-climbing: climb the rocky faces on the plateau, warmed by the sun, with varying challenging levels and exciting pulls. Fatigue and challenge.

The Meltar management will help its guests organise their sports activities.