Meltar Boutique Hotel
Meltar street, 1 - 36012 Asiago
Tel. +39 0424 460626 - Fax +39 0424 464939
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The cuisine

A treasure trove of flavours and perfumes, a mixture of expertly interpreted antique recipes from the Plateau, and unusual flavour combinations, the cuisine at the Meltar satisfies the all the senses and gives a truly welcoming stay on the Plateau.
Breakfast is a good-morning hymn, with delicious homemade cakes, organic jam, wild berry juice, fresh milk from the Plateau pastures, the delicious local cheeses and cut meats and wonderful Asiago bread, rich in crusty, tasty cereals.
Simple menus at lunchtime full of nutritious, fresh and light dishes are ideal between a walk in the woods or a game of golf. In the evening there is a splendid choice of more flavoursome refined dishes, served with precious and rare wines.